Teachers' Edition

The new teachers' edition has fewer activities than the original edition, but goes into greater detail, and includes more worksheets and activities aimed at primary school children. Some sample activities and the table of contents are available for free download!

You can order a printed copy or a PDF of Computer Science Unplugged in the following languages.

And we're working on versions in:

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Special Offer

The Teachers' edition is available to New Zealand customers only for NZ$30 (free postage). Contact us to order one.

Original Activities Book

The original edition is aimed more at those with an academic interest in Computer Science, but want to introduce it to children or use it for teaching. While it has eight more activities, there is less detai than the teacher's edition.

You can buy the original activities book from Lulu.com.

Special Offer

A limited number of the original edition are available to New Zealand customers for NZ$30 (free postage). Contact us to order.