These are the contents of the teachers' edition of Unplugged of the book, which is available for purchase. The highlighted activities are available for free download as PDF files.

  1. Data: The Raw Material—Representing Information
    1. Counting the Dots—Binary Numbers
    2. Colour By Numbers—Image Representation
    3. You Can Say That Again!—Text Compression
    4. Card Flip Magic—Error Detection and Correction
    5. Twenty Guesses—Information Theory
  2. Putting Computers to Work—Algorithms
    1. Battleships—Searching Algorithms
    2. Lightest and Heaviest—Sorting Algorithms
    3. Beat the Clock—Sorting Networks
    4. The Muddy City—Minimal Spanning Trees
    5. The Orange Game—Routing and Deadlock in Networks
  3. Telling Computers What to Do—Representing Procedures
    1. Treasure Hunt—Finite-state Automata
    2. Marching Orders—Programming Languages