Computer Science Unplugged
Off-line activities and games for all ages
Two happy children and a computer
By Tim Bell, Ian H. Witten and Mike Fellows
With assistance from Robyn Adams, Jane McKenzie
and Matt Powell

Sample Activities

The following activities are available for free download. A full version of the activities is available as for purchase. Watch our web site for new activities and related material.

Count the Dots—Binary Numbers
Using just five simple cards you can explore the binary number system, find out how computers store text, and discover how data is sent through a modem.
Card Flip Magic—Error Detection and Correction
A magic trick that will intrigue children, and show them how detect, and even fix, corrupted files.
Beat the Clock—Sorting networks
A fun activity involving a simple maze marked on the ground with chalk or tape. Participants come out of the maze sorted into order!
The Poor Cartographer—Graph Colouring
It looks like colouring in, but it's a problem that even the most powerful computers can't solve efficiently!